Which defensive line position is the most valuable?

“We refer to an intercept estimating a player’s average effect as their individual points/probability added (iPA), with points for modeling EPA and probability for modeling WPA. Similarly, an intercept estimating a team’s average effect is their team points/probability added (tPA)” [Yurko, Ventura, Horowitz 2019]

Fixed Effects = mean_dist + min_dist + min_dist_2 + distance_from_gap* + num_DT + num_NT + num_DE + num_OLB + Yardline_100 + ScoreDiffRandom Effects = PlayerId:distance
Response variable = Player i pressuring the QB during play nFixed Effects = ToGo:Down + Yardline_100 + Down + ToGo + ScoreDiff +shotgun + blitz + (number of players from other positions pressuring)Random Effects = PlayerId:IsRushing



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